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Tips: Food for Athletes To Eat

Food for athletes to Eat

" The strength of our people is not the result of eating more protein . But as a result of eating all Categories.
Physical exercise or play sports properly. Enough and regularly . "

- A good fat .
Athletes or people who like exercise should avoid bad fats . It has a lot of animal skins yolk .
(Including fish ), Milk machine > should have good fat in fish . Especially fatty fish.

- Select starch - sugar .
Athletes or those interested in a sugar syrup and sweets should be avoided as Doonghiib form of cakes , etc.
Choose power source of starch , such as rice , bread, potatoes, etc. .

- Protein: .
Eating enough protein to work well with the sport , but ... eating more protein does not help to improve my fitness .

Source group of people is working great . Flour and fat ... We take the time to sit and look at the flour and fat .
At 50 %.

- Exercise is hard . Will require more flour . During heavy exercise should eat starchy foods, such as
Brown rice , etc to more .

- To practice sports or exercise regularly. Helps the body to use fat as a source of power can be improved.

The author wishes to present that . If it is possible ... Choose whole-grain flour as the first choice than brown rice .
White rice , white bread, wheat bread, etc. to get more vitamins and minerals and antioxidants .
Fiber (fiber ) whole .

- Fats provide 9 kcal of energy per gram.

- The dough - sugar and protein are 4 kcal per gram work .

Power source for sports or exercise is food "powder " .

I studied at a comparable gasoline flour . Or very good fuel . Make people run faster . Weight lifting is good , but ...
Our body is the liver accumulation of starch is limited to 100 g (400 kcal ) muscles collected 400 grams .
(1,600 kcal) .

Athletes who have competed hard and long . Should eat a lot of bread .

But ... this means that there is a limit . Storing flour in the body will cause weight gain . Athletes must weigh like
Boxing, weight lifting , etc. , so be careful not to eat too much flour during the day weighed.

We need about 1 gram of protein per 1 kg of body weight of protein from a plant . " Good protein " that if eaten .
At the same time several species (at least it should be 3-5 up in the same hand - the author) .

The strength of our people is not the result of eating more protein . But as a result of eating all Categories.
Physical exercise or play sports properly. Enough and regularly.

A good diet for athletes or people who like to work hard to plant vegetables including mushrooms, tofu, fish , beans, rice. The fruit is sweet (fruits, the whole fruit . Not fruit juice) .

Cholesterol people should eat no more than 300 mg per day, the equivalent of 1 egg yolk of a large egg .

So if you eat an egg every day , each one bubble must not eat cholesterol from other sources such as meat ( vegetable proteins used instead).
Milk ( non-fat milk instead ), etc. .

That we should not forget that . Cholesterol or fat in the blood ... 75 % to 25 % of the liver from food .

Cholesterol or high blood cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease, blood clots , such as blood clots, etc. .

Supplemented to include cholesterol .

- Saturated fats such as coconut oil ( coconut) oil, palm oil, animal etc. .

- Meat eating too much saturated fat is made ​​up . Because meat has fat marbled with "invisible " .
Except meat, fish have low cholesterol . Be careful when eating fish eggs . Because eggs contain cholesterol .

- Trans fats like cream , artificial fat used in making bakery snack products Fast food ( fast food ), etc. .

Is very important to include water ...

- Not enough water .
Dehydration performance in the sport diminished . It should drink 250 mL ( 1 cup ) in every 15 minutes.
Drinking water need to drink a little at a time so the body can only absorb water 1 liter per hour .

- Drinks .
Hope to win the tournament . And have a term of up to two hours . Should drink no more than a sugar concentration  8 %, and with a little nurturing . Because of low mineral . Allows for better water absorption . Be careful not to drink water that is high in sugar than 8 %, as the body will absorb less water .

Exercise should be a lot better . Alternating pattern to change in a week. To keep the body strong.
In all aspects of the fitness and reduce injury .

Then ... food for athletes. Or is that like exercise . Food for all Categories. Add whole-grain flour on anemia .
Such as brown rice , etc. there.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Come To Know Fixed Gear Bike Parts and Accessories

Fixed Gear Bike Parts and Accessories

Hi someone did not know about fixed gear bike parts and access pries. I have introduce about that. When I have gone to fixed gear shop, I did not know about part. i don't know the order from shop, I will take photo to share to receptor I need this part. After I back to my home, I searching about fixed gear bike parts and need to call name it.
Fixed Gear Bikes image

Starting fixed gear bike from

1) Handlebars: There are variety dimensions,

    Track drop, Road drop, Bullhorn, Riser bar and more.   It up to you prefers usage.

2) Fixed Stem: Front side and caught with Handlebars, Have variety model usage
   Prefer usage size 1 1/8"
Fixed Gear Stem

Fixed Gear stem

3) Headset: tread headset and treadless headset

Fixed gear bike -Headset

4) Seatpost: Seatpost you can adjust up and down

Fixed gear seatpost

5) Frame+Frok:

Fixed Gear Frame + Frok
   Have variety size and upon to usage
   size of seat tube, Top tube, Shorter wheelbase closer to vertical
6) Drop out:

Dropout image1

Dropout image2

7) Crankset: Driver BB disk, pedal, strep


8) Bottom Bracket:
Fixed gear - Bottom Bracket

Have variety model, road bike,   Normally use size width 68.

9) Pedal, Toe clip and Toe straps


Toe Clips

Toe Straps

   Have size S,M and L upon feet size

10) Hub-Lock ring-Cog
Fixed gear Cog

Fixed gear bike -Hub

Fixed gear Bike- Lock ring

   Hub is important for driving, to install cog and lock ring.   Have right thread and left thread.

Fixed gear bike is most popular in boy and girl, we can save the Earth power, no gas, drive exercise and more. You can find the best and save price fixed gear parts and accessories from any shop.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Relax Time Fixed Gear Bikes Images On The Road

After I put the air into tire, I have rode my fixed gear bikes on the local street and took my camera too. This time I feel free and see view on the side way, tree and the river. I have take photo and movie on the road and on the side-way. I think my riding is fixed gear bikes and take photo and share on my blog

Media View

My image

Fixed gear bikes And Bridge

How To Put Air Into An Inner Tube Presta Valve With Presta Adapter

Put Air Into An Inner Tube Presta Valve With Presta Adapter

Before I riding my fixed gear bike, I must be check the rim and air pressure. My tube use presta valve to pass the air. The important tools is presta adapter. I can not put the air into rim without Presta adapter. See my put air into an inner tube with a presta valve.


         loosen (unscrew) the knob on top of the valve as far as it will go, then put the air into the tire.

screw a Presta adapter

then put the air into the tire

When done inflating, remove the adapter, and screw the knob on top of the valve down gently. 

Note: A Presta Adapter you can find from bike shopping.

To save you tire flat, you should take the Presta adapter too. And before riding bike you should check tire pressure too. Thanks for reading.

Photo & Store by: i Love Fixed Gear Bikes

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Downhill Mountain Bike Videos Very Exciting And Superman

Downhill Mountain Bike Videos

I like this Downhill Mountain Bike Videos. I have seen this video and feel like free ride. The sound of video very deep my emotion. I think he ride bike is professional. He very fast downhill. Sometime I will try. I have seen when he use feet break.... Oh my god....super.

For everyone try Downhill Mountain Bike Videos like this video, you must strong and have skill before.

Massan x Macaframa Raw Ride Bike, This above video was film 2012

Massan x Macaframa Raw Ride Bike, This above video was film 2013

Source video:

Sunday, August 25, 2013

How do you know Correct Bike Tyre Pressure

Correct Bike Tyre Pressure
In topic Correct Bike Tyre Pressure, How do you know? Yes I accept I don't know. I use my finger to touch and no flat is Ok. And you like me? I have trying to research from internet and found correct bike tyre pressure.

I just know the air tire pressure is up to rider weight. The tire size is important too. Read Correct Bike Tyre Pressure 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bicycle Cycling Photos, Team Travel

Today I have photo non fixed gear bikes. I have take bicycle cycling photos. I found these team past from my coffee shop, then I ask take photography. This team around 5 person.

Touring bike

bicycle cycling photos
Bicycle cycling team

Photo by: i Love Fixed Gear Bikes